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We introduce Kortek’s Corporate Identity

The Meaning of the Kortek Wordmark
Kortek’s logo combines the progressive and dynamic wordmark of Kortek and an image representing a display to represent Kortek’s corporate identity (CI).
The name “Kortek” is an abbreviation of Korea Technology and embodies the idea of “Let’s conquer the world with Korean Technology.” The logo overall symbolizes our position as a global leader in the industrial display market.


* As our logo is the official representation of Kortek’s CI, combining the word-mark and logo, please adhere to the guidelines when using the logo.


* The wordmark is an important component to Kortek’s image and is designed using the Korean Somang font and the English Universe font.

Regulation colors

* The color of Kortek’s wordmark of standard blue and accurate brightness, saturation and other aspects must be adhered to during use and management.

  • CMYK 92/65/0/0
  • RGB 0/97/176
  • HEX 0061b0
  • CMYK 69/14/0/0
  • RGB 0/174/239
  • HEX 00aeef
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