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Kortek keeps all customers’ information private and confidential

KORTEK('the company') regards personal data of our customer as important, and fully complies with the Act on Facilitating the Use of Information and Communication Network and Protection of Information. Through its policy on handling personal data, the company will notify you how your personal data is used and what measures are taken to protect it. - The policy will be enforced from June 1, 2016.

  1. Personal data to be collected Open
    For the purpose of handling recruitment or customer enquiries, the company collects the following personal data. Name in full, email address, phone number, cellphone number, address.
  2. How to collect personal data Open
    The company will collect personal data through the customer enquiry form and employment application form.
  3. Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Data Open
    The company will use the collected personal data in recruitment and handling customer enquiries.
  4. Sharing of Personal Data and Provision to Third Party Open

    In principle, the company will not provide personal data of customers to the outside. However it will be made an exception in the following cases.

    • When customers agree in advance
    • When requested by an investigation agency pursuant to regulations concerned or according to procedures and methods stipulated in such regulations
  5. Period of Retention/Utilization of Collected Personal Data Open

    In principle, after attaining its objective of collecting/using personal data, the company will dispose the data in a timely way. However, some personal data will be retained for a specified period of time owing to the following reasons.

    Customer Enquiry Management
    Items to retain : Name in full, email address, telephone number, Company name, company telephone number, inquiry & attachment
    Ground : Retention period of customer enquiries
    Retention Period : 3 years
  6. Disposal Procedure of Personal Data Open

    After attaining its objective of collecting/using personal data, the company will dispose the data in a timely way as shown below.

    Disposal Procedure
    After attaining the goal, any personal data entered by a recruitment applicant will be disposed pursuant to the internal policy and other related regulations(refer to the retention/utilization period) after retaining for a certain period of time.
    How to Dispose
    Personal data printed as hard copies will be shredded with shredders or incinerated in a furnace.
    Personal data stored as electronic files will be deleted with technology preventing restoration of records.
  7. Right of a User Providing His Personal Data and How to Enforce the Right Open
    A user can inquiry or revise his registered personal data at any time, or request to unsubscribe at any time. For inquiry or revision of personal data, a user may request to the clerk in charge of personal data management in writing, by phone or via email, which will be processed immediately. When a user requests a correction of an error in his personal data, it will not be used or provided until the error will be corrected. If an erroneous personal data is already provided to a third party, then the details of revision will be notified to the third party immediately to rectify. The company will handle personal data unsubscribed or deleted according to the user's request pursuant to the procedure as specified in the 'period of retention / utilization of personal data'. The data will be restricted to view or use for any other purpose.
  8. Installation, Operation or Automatic Collecting Device of Personal Data, and How to Refuse the Collection Open

    The company use ‘cookies’ to search and store user data frequently. A cookie is a very small text file sent to your browser by the server used to run the website of the company. Cookies are stored in a hard disk of your computer. The company will use cookies for the following purposes.

    Purpose of Using Cookies
    Collect the time and number of visits by users to analyze trend by date and by time When you try to apply the company or makes an enquiry, your will have an option of installing cookie.
    You can allow every cookies or refuse it by setting options of your browser.
    How to Refuse Cookies
    You can set options of your Web browser to allow all cookies or refuse all cookies, or warn you when saving a cookie.
    How to set(for Internet Explorer) : Select Menu 'Tool > Internet Options > Personal Data' on the top of your Web browser. If you refuse to install cookies, there may be some difficulties in providing services.
  9. Technological/Managerial Protection of Personal Data Open

    When handling personal data of users, the company provides the following technological/managerial measures to ensure safety of the personal data, including prevention of loss, theft, leakage, falsification or damage.

    • Pursuant to provisions concerned, important data such as user password will be encrypted, stored and managed. The password will be known to the user only, and the confirmation/revision of personal data will be available only to the user only.
    • To prevent leakage or damage of personal data of customers owing to hacking or computer virus, the company exerts its utmost efforts (using the latest vaccine program, encrypted communications in major sections, or other technological security measures to protect data)
    • Minimize the number of personnel handling personal data and provide periodic education programs on security to relevant personnel.
    • Dedicated Organization for Privacy Protection
  10. Clerk or department in charge of personal data management Open

    To protect personal data of users and to handle complaints related to privacy protection, the company appoints a clerk and a department in charge of personal data management as follows.

    Department in charge of personal data
    Department in charge of personal data
    Personnel Team
    Tel E-Mail
    032-860-3035 recruit@kortek.co.kr

    You can report any complaint related to privacy protection occurred while using service of the company to a clerk or department in charge of personal data management.

    The company will handle every customer complaint in a timely way.

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