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Providing Smart-Assistance for Improved Efficiency

Kortek’s digital blackboard advances meetings beyond a one-directional delivery of information by providing an interactive environment that enhances productivity and efficiency.
Kortek’s IFP Display digital blackboard not only enables effective communication of contents through its clear and dynamic display, but also creates an active meeting-environment with its multi-touch functionality and ability to interface with various external devices. Our technology brings better and clearer knowledge exchange and helps in the cultivation of new ideas.


Key Features

  • UHD Resolution Displays
    Digital contents can be communicated
    more clearly and precisely through ultra-high
    resolution of 3840x2160 pixels
  • Large Screens, Multiple Size Options
    We provide large-scale displays
    in multiple sizes that support high-definition
    images for clear, life-like images.
  • IR Touch Sensor technology
    Our Multi Touch Function (10 touch points) allows multiple users to interact simultaneously for a more dynamic business meeting experience.


  • IFP Display
  • Touch Solution
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