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Terms and Conditions (Collection and Use of Personal Information)

Customers’ personal information is important to Kortek (hereinafter “the firm”) and we comply with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network utilization and Information Protection. Based on the firm’s Guidelines on the Handling of Personal Information, the firm informs you herein of the how your personal information is used and for what purpose, in addition to the measures in place to safeguard your personal information. Should amendments be made to the firm’s Guidelines on the Handling of Personal Information, they will be disclosed in a website announcement (or sent through individual notifications). As the user, I agree to the provision and use of my personal information as follows

1. Personal information to be collected
The firm collects the following personal information in order to answer inquiries and provide consultation.
- Name, email address, telephone number, company name, company telephone number, subject of inquiry, attachmentst
2. Personal information collection and use
The firm uses personal information collection for the following purposes
- To confirm the content of inquiries received and provide responses
3. Period of information storage and use
The firm follows the principle of immediately deleting personal information records as soon as the purpose of collection and use has been fulfilled. As an exception, the following items are stored for the purposes and durations expressly listed below
- Item to be saved: Personal information provided and content of inquiry
- Reason for saving: To confirm provision of service
- Duration to be saved: 3 years
You may not consent to the terms provided herein however, you would limitedly use the service the company provides.
4. Right to refuse agreement and disadvantages
- The provider of personal information has the right to refuse to agree to the provision of personal information.
- Should the agreement to provide personal information be withheld, there will be disadvantages such as limitations in the submitting of inquiries.

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