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Pioneering Smart Learning Solutions

IFP is one of the key technologies in the age of smart-learning, bringing together smart-functions and interactive learning environments. IFP has evolved from simple displays into comprehensive learning tools that not only communicate content, but also promote student interactions for more effective learning.
IFP technology is at the forefront of the smart-learning era in the classrooms of K-12, universities, government agencies, corporate meeting rooms, and training centers. The use of digital blackboards is ever expanding.


Key Features

  • Ultra-High Definition
    The finest details can be seen clearly and precisely with ultra-high resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.
  • Large screens, Multiple size options
    We provide large-scale displays in multiple sizes that support high-definition images for clear, life-like images.
  • IR Touch Sensor technology
    Our Multi Touch Function (10 points) allows multiple users to interact simultaneously for a more dynamic learning experience.


  • IFP Display
  • Touch Solution
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