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Global Leader in Industrial Displays!
Kortek’s passion and innovation never ends

1987 Begining of Passionate Challenge
Established Se Joo Co. Ltd.
Established Se Joo Co. Ltd. (Guro)
Established Korea’s first gaming display export firm

11 Received an award
for exporting Ten
Million Dollars and
a Merit of Export Medal
(Presidential decree)


07 Transferred
Head office
(Songne-dong, Sosa-gu,
Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do)


04 Selected as
a Promising Small-and
Medium-Sized Business


11 Achieved
Million Dollars
in Export

1999 Changed company name to Kortek Corporation
Kortek aims to be world No.1 with Korean technology
2000 Established Research Laboratory
Institute, named Best Venture Company
The start of the new millennium marks
the start of our new expansion

07 Established research
laboratory institute

09 Received awards for the Best
Venture company
(SMBA) & Top-ranking company
(Hana Bank)

11 Selected as an Upbringing Small
and Medium Company by
the Korea Export Insurance Co.,

11 Received Thirty Million Dollars Export Award and Bronze Industrial Medal.


02 Established US Branch
(Nevada state)

02 Authentication
of ISO 9001 (A10030)

07 Completed construction of head office and relocated headquarters to Juan, Incheon (Juan Export Complex 6)

07 Registered on KOSDAQ


02 Selected as a World-Class Goods
for Casino Monitor
(MOTIE, World No.1)

02 Establish European Branch

2003 Not satisfied with being the best
in Korea such as winning the
$50 Million Export award Leading
the worldwide display market
2006 Named Excellent Corporation for labor management relations Kortek, growing together with employees through a flexible culture of labor and management

01 Authentication
of ISO14001(A14774)

03 Commendation
of Honest Tax Payment
(by Finance Minister)

09 Selected as an excellent
company for its positive
labor-management culture
(by the Ministry of Labor)

11 Received Seventy
Million Dollars
Export Award & Silver
Industrial Medal


06 Purchased land for
new factory in Songdo,
Incheon Free Economic Zone
(approx. 19,250m2)


04 Construction of
Songdo Headquarters

12 Broke USD 100 million
export barrier
(recorded exports of
USD 120 million)


04 Completed the construction
of new corporate building
in Songdo

08 Received the Incheon
(City) Technology Award
2009 Grand Prize


11 Awarded for expert $ 100 Million

11 Certificate ISO 13485

2011 ~ Kortek, leading the world’s industrial display
market with our can-do spirit and ingenuity

02 Authorized as 'Product-specific
approved exporter' for
Korea-EU Exporting items
(Incheon Customs)

05 Nominated as the one of
the "World Class 300" companies
(by the Ministry of
Knowledge Economy)

06 Selected as the Best Company
to Work In (by Ministry of
Knowledge Economy)

07 Selected as the Hidden Star of KB
(by Kookmin Bank)

12 Selected as the excellent company
for the world class products.
(by Ministry of Knowledge Economy)


04 Selected as Best Company
to Work In (by Ministry of
Knowledge Economy)

06 Selected as one of the Most
Powerful Business Leaders
in Korea 2012 by Fortune
Korea (Global Management

07 Participated in Consortium
to Develop Leading Technology
for Future Industries

11 Best IP (Intellectual Property)
Executive Award granted by KIPO


05 Selected as a Hidden Champion of KOSDAQ for 5 years running (by KRX)


04 Selected as a Hidden Champion of KOSDAQ for 6 years running (by KRX)

10 Selected as an appointed company for Professional Research Consultant (by Military Manpower Administration)


12 Broke $200 million export barrier

12 High Dividend Corporation (National Tax Service, apply special treatment in taxation of dividend income)


05 Named the 2016 KOSDAQ Rising Star (by KRX)


05 Seletcted as the most exemplary Kosdaq company in Transparent management (Korean Financial Supervisory Service)


12 Broke $300 million export barrier


11 Completed the construction of new Factory building in Vietnam (Dong Van IV Industrial Park, Ha Nam)


06 Established MP (Mechanical
Parts) Center in Si-hwa
Industrial Complex, Korea


12Selected as 'World Class Product of Korea' for the 21th consecutive year in Casino Display. (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)

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