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Resistive Touch Screen

The resistive touch technology consists of a PET cover sheet and two conductive coating layers separated by spacer dots. When the touchscreen is pressed, the two conductive coating layers come into contact and voltages are measured to calculate the touch position.

Infrared (IR) Touch Screen

A matrix of Infrared (IR) LEDs and photo diodes are used to create a two dimensional grid over the display to detect where infrared light is blocked and thus where touch points are.

Camera-Based Optical Touch Screen

Camera-based optical touch uses multiple infrared (IR) cameras looking across the surface of the display to detect touch points.

Surface Capacitive (SCAP)

The surface capacitive touchscreen consists of a conductive coating layer over glass with 4 wires at each corner. When the screen is touched, it detects current change to obtain the touch position.

Projected Capacitive (PCAP)

The projected capacitive method utilizes clear conductive electrodes that create a checkerboard surface. Touch is detected through changes in electricity between the electrodes. The PCAP method and allows for multi-touch functionality.

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